Automatic seabed charting

Olex is a Norwegian system for navigation, fishery plotting and ocean mapping. Olex makes everyone able to create their own high resolution seabed maps. The system collects data from the ships echosounder and GPS to a depth database on the Olex computer. The result is immediately visualized on the screen as a realistic 3D seabed view. The self-produced seabed maps can be shared between Olex users, and provides valuable information which may contribute in achieving a more efficient and profitable fishery. More

   Version 8.4

- More Swedish translations

- Bug fixes: lost input lines, ship vector colors, ranging information

...in addition to the news in V8.3:

- First incomplete support for Korean language

- Supports Scientific Linux 6.6

- Sky view of GPS satellites, via NMEA GSA and GSV

- Hardness and ping timing from Koden echosounders

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Latest Seafloor database: May 2015