Marine charting and navigation

Olex version 11.8

New tidal stations for Alaska. Screen dimming can be done via the Esc, Insert, and End keyboard buttons. Faster drawing of lots of plotter marks. Fixes a new bug that could stop Atec from running.

New tool to investigate tidal qualities: tie up in harbour with GPS and echosounder running. If vessel speed stays below 0.5 knots, Olex will build up a graph that compares predicted tide with observed echosounder depth. For best results, one should record for more than 13 hours.

Here we see the trial performed in Trondheim. The blue predicted tide correlates well with the red observed depth. The tidal data is good. The noisiness of the red line is because the seafloor under the boat is not perfectly flat, giving some echosounding uncertainty.

The graph is accessible as Layers->Default settings for new data->Tide test.

An error in Olex 11.7 regarding single and dual screens, prompted us to release Olex 11.8.

Complete version history

Atec version 4.4.147

Latest firmware for Atec.