Overview of the coverage.
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Collected sea floor data - February 2020

Olex creates sebed maps using data from the ship's echo sounder and GPS. As more depths are received, the chart becomes more accurate. The seafloor calculation is fully automatic and require no manual operation. The system has no limit in the amount of soundings which are handled. The seabed map is displayed in real time, as a 2D chart with dynamic depth contours or in 3D with a virtual camera.

Data sharing

Olex users are encouraged to share their sea floor data. This data sharing is free of charge and are organized by Olex AS. After sending their own sea floor data to their dealer or to Olex AS the users will get access to a database with collected depths from other Olex users all over the world.

The data sharing has become popular among the users, and more than five billion measured depths now forms the basis for a comprehensive sea floor map. This information is valuable for fishermen and other seafarers. The exchange of data is made by e-mail, USB-device or CD/DVD.

The complete database is available from 16 iso-files, each with a size of 3 to 4 gigabytes, which can be read into the Olex from USB-memory device or DVD. One can read in as many files as one like, depending on need and available disk space.

Overview and screenshots, showing the coverage of each iso file can be found here.

The database download are protected by password. Any Olex user who share their own data can get access.

The data can be found here.

How to back up, and share own seabed data

Connect a USB storage device to one of the USB ports on the Olex

When the device is detected click on "Write to".

Click on data type "Own depth data"

A seafloor data backup, with a file name indicating
the Olex serial number is created. Click on "Save"

Confirm by cklicking on "Yes".
The file is written to the USB device

Share your data by sending the file as an email attachment to
olex@olex.no, and get access to the latest sea floor database